by Ivory Parker

I restore the spirit of me
Skipping past a cherry blossom tree.
The note of honey warms my tense
body. My face lights with glee.
And I am reminded of the God in me.
Blueberry cotton candy pairs with a humming
hummingbird—my heart finds peace.
Soft hands holding mine
Put my spirit at ease.

Text and image © Ivory Parker 2023. All Rights Reserved. Published by The Literary Purveyor. All Rights Reserved.


  • Ivory Parker

    Ivory Parker is a Harlem-raised aspiring filmmaker whose desire to enter the industry crystallized while in middle school producing her first documentary for the Maysles Documentary Center. Her goal is to give voice to the disenfranchised. She can be found on Howard University’s Yard and on Instagram @ivoryelizabeth.

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