Three fish

by Margery Hannah

The first time I was too young
Life moved fast yet
promised eternity

The second time I was too young
Iife still moved fast but I
sat on a plot

rotating around my dreams
and I figured just so—
I would allow him a small part

The first time they sucked
it out the same way I sucked
on sugar-filled straws as a child

Not tender, the aim: exhaust
all the sugar from the stick
as fast as possible and place it
in my belly’s jar

I cleaned that jar
and they placed the ruins in a bubble
we will never see

© Margery Hannah 2002-2022. Text only. All Rights Reserved.


  • Margery Hannah

    “A writer writes, aways.” (Larry Donner, Throw Mama from the Train) The musings of Margery Hannah, a multi-genre writer, on an array of subject matter through a literary lens. Every raindrop has a story.


  1. Lisa says:

    Love your poetry. I wish I had the toolset to write similarly and from the heart.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Just write; your heart will flow if you let it. There are events you can join that provide writing prompts. ❤️

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