Fox and Sand Rats

Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth and makes us wiser than the birds of the heavens?”–Job 35:11 ESV

by Margery Hannah

like water freed from a leaf
one tap at a time
after a rain storm
I shared a secret

A fox licked all the
water off the leaf
and threw it into a dream

fluffed and bronzed
and borrowing confidence
unbeknownst to me
from me

Each dream he motioned into
reality and I watched
moisture foam
in the fox’s mouth

He accomplished more
than any fox before him
He kept the rain off
the leaf while
still keeping the leaf wet

To be a muse I was happy
Every secret I told
he ripened into desert food
and sand rats soon followed us

He ate them, and loved the fat
on their backs
Soon he wanted them fatter
so he began to let
the sand rats eat the leaves

Forgetting the secret, but
remembering the dream
soon the leaves were no more

Without leaves to lick, he no
longer spun dreams for me

But chased fat sand rats and I
became the caretaker
of them

© Margery Hannah 2007-2022 All Rights Reserved.
Illustration copyright Margery Hannah. All rights reserved.

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