Cherry Picking

You will never find better
better is not my dream
I dream of something larger than life

Deeper than the bite marks on my tongue
sweeter than chai
softer than water

Love that lasts beyond the grave
that’s saved in the heavens
that’s written by God

so waiting an eternity seems so easy
for a love like this

One day I’ll pick my sweet cherry
today I admire their blossoms

© Zaynab Ahmed 2023. All rights reserved.


  • Zaynab Ahmed

    Zaynab Ahmed is a Somali-American creative writer and poet from Minneapolis, MN. Her work is centered around the intersectionality of her identities and lived experiences as a Somali Muslim woman. She recently graduated from the University of Minnesota majoring in biology and minoring in public health. Outside of her writing, she is passionate about health equity and being a mentor to other black girls in STEM.

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