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The Literary Purveyor is looking for freelancers to help produce content that is meaningful and impactful, accepting pitches covering a variety of topics, including faith, culture, lifestyle, identity, wellness, fashion, home decor, and politics presented as fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photo essay, and short film. Ideas for submissions in all mediums, including audio, illustration, data and visualization are welcome.

The Literary Purveyor will publish pieces up to 1500 words. Payment is $.20 per word; poetry is $10 per line (with a maximum payment of $300); illustration is $50 per image (with a $300 maximum per comic or photo essay); photographs accompanying article $30; film payscale as follows: 1-5 minutes, $50; 6-10 minutes $100; 11-20 minutes, $200; 21-30 minutes, $300 for first serial rights.


  • Margery Hannah

    “A writer writes, aways.” (Larry Donner, Throw Mama from the Train) The musings of Margery Hannah, a multi-genre writer, on an array of subject matter through a literary lens. Every raindrop has a story.

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