Revisiting The Canterbury Tales: Arveragus’ Defense

What non-Biblical book competes with Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales? I discovered Chaucer’s masterpiece back in Honors English 102 at WSU, courtesy of Dr. William Woods, and the lessons of honor, integrity, knighthood, and class have since with me remained. From its poetic prowess to its cultural notations, The Canterbury Tales is a medieval kindle still lit by the wisdom in Chaucer’s descriptions of competing storytellers and the twenty-four competing tales told by those characters, both representations of the various social classes. Never has an unfinished book been so complete.

Home Beyond Lodabar: From NYC to Wichita, Kansas and Back

How are the imaginations of New York City children fostered without the ability to look up and see stars? Perhaps the New York City skyline sufficiently espouses the greatness of man, placing a seed in the mind of its youth that all things are possible; maybe it is the sheer beauty of the lights sustainingContinue reading “Home Beyond Lodabar: From NYC to Wichita, Kansas and Back”

Milo Baughman and Such Relics

By the time I began visualizing what kind of sofa to manifest for my Moving On Up home during my divorced-in-my-mid-twenties years, mom announced she’d found it. “I saw your sectional at King’s,” she said during a standard unannounced drop-in, beckoning me into her Ford pick-up truck, bought with a secret appeal of on herContinue reading “Milo Baughman and Such Relics”

Storms Are But A Memory

This memory (or is it a feeling or act?) of fear as instructed by the Almighty God telling me I MUST do what is right–right, a simple thing convoluted by either fleshly desire or the other thing, that much lesser thing roaming the earth to and fro looking for whom to devour, goes back asContinue reading “Storms Are But A Memory”

“There is a relation between the hours of life and the centuries of time.”

Psychology Today heralds the gut as something that must be trusted for three reasons: 1) Your intuition is shaped by your past experiences, and your existing knowledge which you gained from them; 2) Your intuition is encoded in your brain like “a web of fact and feeling”; 3) Your intuition connects you with all theContinue reading ““There is a relation between the hours of life and the centuries of time.””

On the MFA – Creative Writer, I See

In short, an MFA in Creative Writing & Literature is not recommended. It’s nice networking— many of your instructors will have taught some of the greats and will in fact be some of the greats, but like all creative spaces there is a fantastic degree of subjectiveness to which the weak hinge their self-worth. AContinue reading “On the MFA – Creative Writer, I See”

By Interior Design – A Classic Russian Read in the Time of Corona

Iván Ilych wasn’t so bad. He beat neither his wife nor children. Every day he worked, and provided a home for his family while fairly prioritizing his children’s education. So he didn’t like to be home. How was he to cope with a nag? He lived beyond his means, too, but so does the averageContinue reading “By Interior Design – A Classic Russian Read in the Time of Corona”

For the Writers – Little Matters

And so it’s stated in the first page of Richard Hugo’s The Triggering Town: Lectures and Essays on Poetry and Writing, the most important arguments are within. Great; in this I’m well versed.  It’s been the substance of procrastination for many a day and it’s the general recipe of chaos versus control. Aren’t poets known for requiring long walks in the park to watch squirrels?

The best of Harlem, day and night

“Home sweet home” is more than a phrase mumbled by the oft traveler, or announced by the long laborer, or sang by the prodigal upon passing though the threshold of–irreverent of humble or grand–abode; it is a return to the crawl in need of one’s soul, a womb-like sanctuary sheltering us–in happy homes–from the world.